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Q: Can I reuse a cloth gown?

A: Yes. Cloth gowns that will not be used in a sterile field, such as surgery, can be reused if they are laundered in enzymatic detergent or per the hospital’s SOP.


Q: How are surgical gowns certified?

A: Protective apparel, including surgical gowns, are governed by a set of standards and test methods that all manufacturers must meet. Surgical gowns can be rated AAMI Level 1, AAMI Level 2, AAMI Level 3 or AAMI Level 4. Always look for the AAMI Level rating on the label to determine the AAMI Level rating.


These standards are established by AAMI (The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation). Specifically, ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/AAMI PB70:2012 is the standard that establishes a classification system (Levels 1-4) for protective apparel used in health care facilities, including surgical gowns, based on liquid barrier performance using standardized test methods. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has adopted ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 as the standard by which all surgical gown manufacturers must abide.

Q: All surgical gowns on the market today have an AAMI Level rating, correct?

A:  No. Always look for the AAMI Level rating on the surgical gown packaging to determine the AAMI Level rating.


Q: What areas are included in the critical zones?

A: There are typically 4 different areas that must pass within the critical zones, including two in the front chest and two on the sleeves. If a product passes AATCC 42 and AATCC 127 in all applicable areas, then it qualifies as an AAMI Level 3 surgical gown.

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