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With the recent global explosion of COVID-19, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in high demand. However, quality can be suspect and fraud is rampant: As the world's primary PPE factory, China should be a part of your procurement strategy but requires either specialized knowledge and experience or tapping the help of a reliable and trustworthy sourcing partner.





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Why PureLiving?

  • Procurement – expert buyers find factories and negotiate pricing with the buying power of one of China’s largest drugstore chains

  • Medical – we understand hospital needs, CE, CDC and FDA regulations

  • Environmental health & safety – over two decades of experience in HSE, use of PPE in industrial remediation, and a team of certified consultants to research and test product quality

  • Factory QA/QC – guarantee factory compliance to good manufacturing processes (GMP) and ongoing product quality

  • Logistics – network of freight forwarders and customs clearance experience to get goods quickly overseas with no delays

  • Global network – global exposure and support of over 18 countries helps us to anticipate regional needs and changing import/export regulations






Global Network

Quality Vetting 


  • Review technical supporting test report to ensure results adhere to standards performance requirements

  • Require and evaluate product samples prior to purchase

  • Utilize consulting team and technical testing equipment to assess

  • Correct product (matches to the actual product)


  • Check that certification agency is actually authorized and legitimate

  • Verify the authenticity of the certificate of conformity

  • Correct standard

Manufacturing: We investigate factories

  • Correct company

  • Factory AQL standard ANSI / ASQ Z1.4-2003(R2008)

  • Require factory quality management system certification (ie. ISO 9001 or EN13485)

  • Audit factory quality with experienced QA/QC team


Trusted Professionals

Louie Cheng

President PureLiving

  • LinkedIn

Louie is the founder of PureLiving, China’s leading indoor environmental quality testing and consulting firm specializing in advising clients on air and water quality, mold, asbestos and lead exposure issues. Louie formerly headed a US Army biological and chemical defense unit and is a Certified Indoor Environmental consultant. He is a recognized expert and has led or supervised over 1000 indoor environmental projects in China and the US, including green building, and is a frequent public speaker for community and industry groups.

Scott Rein

Chief Medical Advisor

  • LinkedIn

Scott co founded and ran a sports medicine/spine focused surgery center chain in US from 2003-2008. In 2007 the USOC asked Scott to develop and manage the surgical team for the US at the Beijing Olympics and was appointed Official Provider.  Scott relocated to China in 2010 and started Western Medical a company that connected western medical expertise and Chinese hospitals, clinics, governments etc, and supported NFL, NBA, CBA and a dozen international schools including NYU in their sports medicine and wellness

Sarah Millard

Sourcing Director

  • LinkedIn

Sarah brings over 20 years experience in strategy, operations and finance, both in startups and Fortune 100 companies. Sarah launched Staples' China business and channel partner business in US.  Expert in ERP and process engineering.  Wellesley (BA), Dartmouth (MBA).

Sales Success

USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Netherlands, UK, Germany Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand

Worldwide Shipping 

Multinational Companies

Healthcare Providers

  • Beth Israel Hospital (Boston)

  • MFM Associates (NY)

  • Tarrent County Hospital (Texas)

  • Los Angeles County Psychiatric Hospital (Los Angeles)

  • Isle of Man (UK)

  • Dana Farber

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